Bielat and Childs Tout Endorsments

The race for the Republican nomination for Massachusetts 4th Congressional District is heating up.  Today Elizabeth Childs (R-Brookline) and Sean Bielat (R-Norfolk) each touted new endorsements.  

In a conference room at the Omni Parker House, earlier today, Childs, introduced former Lt. Governor Kerry Healey as her newest supporter.

“I’ve seen first-hand Dr. Childs’ management skills and compassion as we worked together on the Governor’s Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence and on the Inter-Agency Council on Homelessness,” said Lt. Governor Kerry Healey. “Her leadership in building a state-of-the-art mental health hospital in Worcester was critical to its success and that facility is an important legacy of the Romney-Healey Administration, delivering improved health services for those most in need while saving taxpayer dollars by consolidating two antiquated hospitals.”  

Joining Healey in support of Childs are former governors Jane Swift of Massachusetts and Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey.

Later in the day Sean Bielat rolled out his endorsement by the Citizens United Action Fund. “Sean believes in the concept of citizen legislators who come to Washington with fresh ideas and try to fix the big problems our country is facing,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. Bossie spoke of the leadership Bielat provides as a Marine Reservist and as a proven businessman.  “Sean believes in the concept of citizen legislators who come to Washington with fresh ideas and try to fix the big problems our country is facing. As a Marine, Sean is dedicated to making America great. As a businessman, he has the unique perspective of how the regulatory system is choking job growth.” Bossie also spoke of the need for change, “Massachusetts’ 4th District needs a change, and Sean Bielat will bring that change to Washington by focusing on pro-growth economic policies that will help create jobs and get our economy moving again,” said David N. Bossie.

“I’m very grateful for the support of Citizens United,” said Bielat.  “They are a national organization which supports strong candidates in competitive races.  Citizen United’s early support for our campaign is indicative of the attention that this race will receive. We’ll need all the help we can get to fight the Kennedy machine and the millions that they will spend. ”

This primary is shaping up to be a real fight. Stay tuned…

Disclosure: Elizabeth Childs is an advertiser on Red Mass Group, and I have provided printing services to the Sean Bielat campaign.

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  • would anyone expect Healey to endorse the veteran?

  • Muffy Healy endorsed Childs?

    Say no more.Go Sean.

  • NewtonMom

    I don’t think the voters of MA-4 will be particularly swayed by these lackluster endorsements.  I hope Dr Childs enjoyed voting in her first Republican election yesterday since she so recently registered as a Republican.  

  • Will the primaries for this race be?

  • She just recently joined a tea party group on Facebook (a week ago).  Sean’s been in the same group for a year.  

  • ChristyW

    I vote principle, not plumbing. That’s why I’m supporting Sean Bielat.

  • L4rg0

    Who has the best skills to make tough decisions. I’d always want the Marine in my corner!

  • MerrimackMan

    He gave Barney a run for his money in 2010. Better than any Republican has done in this district since 1982. I have no reason to believe that Childs would do better, and she’s more liberal. This seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Nominate the most electable conservative.

  • I have met and like both Republican Candidates.  Heck, right now, I’m passing around nomination papers for BOTH candidates.

    But with the above being said.  I was disappointed when I read in the Boston Globe that Elizabeth Childs became a Republican for the first time last year. I understand that we live in MA and that some diehard “Democrats” will at some point switch parties and under the new party run for political office.  But Elizabeth Childs is running to be our Republican Representative in Congress and she has been a Republican less than 12 months.  

    Now, she does have more political experience, as she has won two local races in her hometown – but she won them as a Democrat. She has never run a race in her town as a Republican. Heck, according to public records she has never pulled a Republican ticket in a primary – always Democrat.  

    For me, as a life long Republican that has worked hard on Republican Campaigns, supported Republicans with money and time, always voted Republican, I am very uncomfortable with what I read in the Boston Globe.

    Now, maybe the paper is wrong.  Maybe she didn’t vote for Clinton in the last Presidential election, maybe she has supported Republican campaigns in MA through the years, and maybe she has given money to Republicans – but I have yet to see a statement contradicting any of the comments in the Boston Globe article.  

  • Former Chair of the Massachusetts GOP Jennifer Nassour notes, “Dr. Childs has successfully campaigned in two local races and has a natural ability to connect with people and earn their vote–even in a blue town like Brookline.  I believe Dr. Childs is the best candidate to take on the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joseph Kennedy”  

  • BrocktonDave

    …who has never thought of becomeing a Democrat, I would like to know what defining moment in her life made her decide not only to register in the opposite party, but run for congress as a representative of it.

  • patsfan43

    How many people have you met who even know who Liz Child is? But this is going to be a close race?? If you ask me the Democrats are just planting a fake to mess with the GOP as usual!!

    I listed to her talk in newton and she’s definitely a dem no matter what her campaign tries to tell you. Her argument for why she can win are:

    –she won two elections. How many people vote in town elections? i bet she won (running as a democrat) with about 500 votes total. Sean Beilat won over 100,000 votes in 2010.

    –she’s lived in the district for 20 years. Because of redistricting most of the voters haven’t lived here before. big deal if she’s lived in the district.

    –She’s been in Mass for 15 or 20 years longer than Beilat. How much older is she than him? 15 or 20 years?? Besides, if you vote for whoever has lived here the longest does that mean she voted for Barney Frank in the last election?? Probably.

    –she’s liberal. That’s a selling point?? enough said……

    –she got in the race last Summer when Barney was still running so she’s more dedicated or something. Isn’t that exactly what Sean did in 2010 when it seemed even harder since no one had ever challenged Frank before?? If she’s so dedicated why didn’t she run in 2010.

    She seems smart and she’s had some accomplishments. Running as a democrat is ok and running as an Independent is ok but if your running in the Republcan primary you should be a Republican!!

    Child is a joke and this primary isn’t going to be even close. If your really a Republican, get out now Liz so you don’t slow down someone who can really take on Kennedy. I vote for Sean before and I’m going to again and so are all the real Republicans.