Bialecki Still Shooting the Messenger



   1. Relating to, measuring, or measured by the quality of something rather than its quantity: “a qualitative change in the curriculum”. –

Secretary Bialecki’s new excuse for poor jobs performance is that by other “qualitative measures” the economy is doing better.  Qualitative of course is another word for “anectdotal” or unmeasurable data.  So he told the Boston Business Journal.

“We’re less comfortable in making a conclusion about the overall state of the economy based on that one number,” Bialecki said of the jobs count generated monthly by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics    , and published in turn by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. Bialecki said the change is bigger than any past retroactive revision, and the new jobs number doesn’t jibe with more qualitative information the state has gathered.

The jobs number is a key component of the state’s GDP, which also got a downward revision based on the new jobs count. Bialecki said “volatility” in the BLS jobs count has shaken the state’s confidence in the number. Alternative measures Massachusetts may look to include:

   Payroll tax withholding;

   Independent measures of export activity;

   Travel and tourism data, such as hotel stays.

There he goes again.  Quoting data that disproves his point. We’ve already gone over this, perhaps he doesn’t believe the data again.  But on two of those three measures, he’s wrong. The data points to a slowing economy, vs that of the nation.

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