Aylward wins big in the 2nd Suffolk and Middlex

Steve defeated Bob Semonian by over 500 votes district wide. I don’t have the official returns. But I can tell you the numbers that were called in to victory party from the Town Halls.  Steve won Watertown by 385 votes, Belmont by 176, and lost the Boston Wards collectively by somewhere around 25 votes.

It was a fun campaign. Our Strategy worked out better than expected, as we did not think we’d actually carry Belmont. We just wanted to minimize our losses there. Watertown we had no doubts we’d blow him out.  But I believe we wound up carrying almost all  of Belmont’s 8 precincts. And we figured we needed to tie him Boston. And that’s basically what we did wind up doing in Boston.

The victory is especially sweet because Steve helped so many other candidates with their races, which is something he has become known for over the years. But also because it was Steve Aylward and handful of others that realized on November 17th 2011, that the State State Committee needed radical change if the Republican party ever was to achieve any kind of relevance in this state. So he and few other set out to recruit candidates for across the State to run for State Committee. Slowly the coalition of people seeking candidates expanded as activist Republicans across the State started talking to one another.  When it was all said and done some 40 challengers rose up to context seats. That’s pretty good since the State Committee is composed of 80 people (40 men and 40 women).

We don’t have the final numbers on a lot of races. But it looks like a significant number of new faces will be on the State Committee when it’s all said and done.  Certainly the State Committee already has very new complexion with the number of activists that we know have won. I’ve counted around a dozen seats so far. Over the next day or two it will become much clearer just how much of a change there will be.

Sadly when you have so many friends running, it’s inevitable that some people you grown to love and respect will lose.  I won’t mention any names, they know who they are. All of this would not have been possible if it weren’t for the hard work of a couple people that lost tonight. I have no doubt they were so focused on helping others to win, that they may have sacrificed their own victories, in order to see the cause move forward.  To them I say: you are still winners and you always will be!

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