1/2 Day Deval Goes to Sub-Prime Manse this Weekend

With the warm weather comes the Governor’s summer schedule.  The schedule in which he always seems to end his week with a mid-day event in Western Massachusetts, close to Sweet Pea Farm.  According to the State House News Service, Governor Patrick’s last scheduled event of the week takes him to Chicopee at 12:30.  No doubt a weekend of fun at Sweet P Farm.  A compound bought with his profits as a sub-prime mortgage company board member.

Contrast that with 622 Trapelo Road in Belmont.  A home that less than a month ago was foreclosed on, due to a mortgage sold to them by Deval Patrick’s ACC Captial Holdings.  Patrick likes to tell the story that he fixed ACC Capital, by fixing Ameriquest.  The real story is that Argent Mortgage went on to continue to sell fradulent mortgages under the Argent Mortgage nameplate.  Including perhaps one to the former owners of the home below, who financed with an Argent Mortgage in August of 2006.  

“Together we can,” indeed.


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