10 Things

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1) I just realized that Mayor William Lantigua is the Chair of the Lawrence School Committee. Ouch! Do you have any idea how much that school district has been given these past few years and is there any improvement?

2) Will someone run against Senator Katherine Clark (D-Melrose). Please. She’s Richard Tisei’s replacement.

3) Heard today that the MBTA was thinking about borrowing funds to pay for net years operating costs. Grossman should not sign the notes.

4) Why doesn’t Ann Romney give Mitt a state off and see how she does.

5) Love the idea of Bump being asked to audit Patrick’s jobs #s.

6) My son just got accepted to Delaware. Life is good when you are smart, ambitious, and 18.

7) I’m convinced that Deval is out of here if Obama wins. Governor Murray!

8) I think I’d read Whitey’s book and I’ll bet a few people are nervous knowing he kept notes.

9) Had lunch with and old pal who knows my congressman very well. Me thinks Johnnie Pockets may be in for a tough race. As soon as the race became about his wife he was toast.

10) In 3 weeks I embark upon a clinical trial aimed at treating the adrenalcortical carcinoma that has spread into my liver. I’m not too proud to ask for good vibes and prayers. Bring them on.  

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