Why So Secretive Mr Zimini

 Another unreported fact in the whole Tim Murray, Mike McLaughlin, John Zimini affair is that for a long period of time after getting his new job at MassHousing, Zimini was very secretive with his constituents in Dracut.  As the Boston Globe has reported a few years ago Tim Murray, at Mike McLaughlin’s request got his friend John Zimini a job at MassHousing.  This came after Suzanne Bump fired Zimini, allegedly for cause.

Numerous press and blog accounts at the time refer to the secretive nature that Zimini employed to keep his new found job a secret.

It couldn’t be held forever. Everyone knew that Selectmen John Zimini had found a job a while back, after being out of work for a while.

What was interesting, and created the interest, was his not willing to tell anyone where he was working.

Eventually, it would have had to come out. The people have the right to know whether votes have some sort of conflict of interest.

I never really put much effort into figuring it out.

After the last Board of Selectmen’s meeting, Zimini was heard discussing this with the local Sun reporter, once again preferring to withhold the information for now. “People in this town would are always looking for conspiracy and connections,” he was saying.

That last quote is the most interesting. In October of 2009, John Zimini said that people in Dracut were always looking for “conspiracy and connections” well in 2012 it looks like we’ve found some.  It seems apparent that Zimini even back in 2009 was trying to protect the Lieutenant Governor from a scandal.  

Too bad it didn’t come out before the 2010 election.  Mr. Zimini, if you weren’t trying to hide the fact that Tim Murray got you a job, what were you trying to hide in 2009?

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