What if Sal is Not Here to Testify?

Conventional wisdom since Sal Dimasi left the comfort of his bed in the Kentucky federal correctional medical facility, to begin a cross northeast bus trip, is that he’s coming up to testify in the probation scandal grand jury investigation.  What if that’s not the case?

It’s been two weeks since the Boston Herald first broke the news that DiMasi had been moved.  In that time Sal has yet to testify.  Peter Lucas of the Lowell Sun pondered that it may just be that Sal’s being used to shake some testimony from people.  Today the Boston Herald ran a story about who Sal got jobs for.

All of this has got me thinking, that what my original instict may have been correct.  That Sal Dimasi is coming up to get indicted?  Think about it.  Dimasi would have been in Massachusetts during the probe last year and could have testified to the grand jury already.  As those proceedings are technically secret, we may not know.

The longer this goes without DiMasi, not being spotted in Worcester, the more I think he’s not here to testify.  If he’s not here to testify, why else would he be here?  

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