Lynnfield, MA – Richard Tisei, candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ 6th Congressional District, today announced he had received the endorsement of U.S. Senator Scott Brown.

“I’ve known Richard Tisei for 25 years as both a friend and a colleague in the State Senate,” said Brown.  “We need more independent-minded fighters like him in our delegation if we’re going to get the economy moving and get America going the right direction again.”

Senator Brown, who was born in Wakefield and grew up in what is now the 6th Congressional District, won the district handily in 2010, as did the Baker-Tisei gubernatorial effort the same year.  Tisei was re-elected 12 times as representative and senator in the southern portion of the Congressional District, where a majority of the voters are registered as independents.

“I’m grateful to Senator Brown for his endorsement today,” said Tisei.  “Scott Brown proved that a candidate with a positive message about economic growth, jobs, and freedom can win in Massachusetts.  The people are crying out for change in Washington.  That’s why they elected Scott Brown in 2010 and why I believe they’ll elect me in 2012.  America can do so much better and it’s time that the voice of the people is heard in Washington.”


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