Ten Silly Things

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1) Is Bill Hudak the new Ponce de León?

2) The fifteen words that ended a career. “Have more questions about your charges? Get details for all your Usage Charges at vzw.com/mybusinessaccount.”

3) The second half of the recent Suffolk poll suggests that Deval is not Presidential material, Marsha is the fav to be the next Democratic candidate for Governor, and Murray is polling side by side with Setti. (see #2 above)


4) I heard the T was having fiscal trouble. Who could have seen that coming?

5) I still hate anonymous posting.

6) My local Patch has a conservative blogger. Does Ms. Huffington know? (teasing you Karl!)

7) Is BMG getting more radical left?

8) Don’t know if you heard, but Whitney Houston has passed away.

9) When does the Globe do a patronage story on the MBTA and other quasis?

10) Collected signatures for Brown and Tisei yesterday. It appears to me that we have a gender gap.  

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