Ten More Dumb Things

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1) Does Gail Huff and the gurls know that Scott Brown hates women? Says so on BMG! Hilarious!

2) Rick Santorum is so over doing the religion thing. Gross!

3) I will always believe that the defining characteristic of the Obama administration is class warfare.

4) Just did my taxes. I’m a contributor.

5) Are corporations people? I think not.

6) A legislator who joins the Rule 28 Coalition deserves your consideration.

7) When does the Globe do its Spotlight story on the other quasi publics? Talk about a target rich environment!

8) I have a son entering college. Smart kid. People ask all the time what he’s going to study. I’ve decided he’s going to work for the Commonwealth. $$$$$$$$$

9) Joe DiNucci is not having a relaxing retirement. Met him once. Not a bad guy!

10) Just got my VZ Wireless bill delivered on line. It’s 8 pages long. Seems like VZ tracks every damn call and text that I make. Must be new technology.  

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