State Rep. Paul Adams (R-Andover) to Challenge State Senator Finegold (D-Andover)

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Confirming what has been rumored for weeks, state Rep. Paul Adams, R-Andover has announced that he will not be seeking re-election. Instead, he will launch a bid to unseat state Sen. Barry Finegold, D-Andover.

“I’m thrilled to announce my candidacy for state senator,” said Adams, in an open letter to residents of the 2nd Middlesex/Essex District. “While serving as your state representative, I’ve grown increasingly concerned about the fiscal health of our commonwealth, the continued unemployment and part-time job crisis, and the culture of corruption on Beacon Hill.”

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This is a good move, Adams was doomed in his State Rep Seat, and while the Second Essex and Middlesex is a tough seat itself, Adams will definitely give Finegold a run for his money.  

Adam’s State Representative district was turned into a Hispanic/Latino VRA Majority district in redistricting, with a much larger component in Lawrence than before. As a result the district moved from a 59% Brown district to a 46% Brown district. The change was even more severe with the Gubernatorial election result, going from 51% for Baker in the old district to just 37% for Baker in the new seat.

Adams will now be running in a State Senate seat that Scott Brown won with 58% of the vote, and which was also won by Charlie Baker with a 47-44% margin. This was a move I suggested Adams should make in November, considering his district was made the most difficult of any of the 33 Republican State Reps.

Adams has decided to try and run again here in 2012, but I think he is wasting his time. He really should consider running against Senator Barry Finegold, who is holding down a much more favorable district, 58% Brown and 47% Baker district, and barely beat his Republican opponent last fall.

Massachusetts State House Redistricting

The race against Finegold will be a tough one, while Finegold barely won election in 2010 against political newcomer and RedMassGroup contributor Jamison Tomasek 53-42%, Finegold has been a political force in Andover since the mid-1990’s. He regularly was unopposed in his State Representative seat, which was gerrymandered for his safety with a chunk of Lawrence. While the State Senate district is tougher because of its complete representation of Lawrence, Finegold has to hold down the extremely Republican towns of Dracut and Tewksbury, where he has not yet been as successful.

Adams will give Finegold a serious challenge as a result of his work in winning over and representing Finegold’s old district in Tewksbury, Andover and Lawrence. But it is likely that Sen. Finegold will try to make a big deal over Adam’s recent OCPF fine in part to what appeared to be a legal loophole in which Adams received monetary gifts from his parents, and decided to use those gifts as campaign cash. However, Finegold himself hasn’t been without campaign finance issues, having listed public employees as supporters, and received free campaign literature from Lawrence Democratic politicians, of course, without his knowledge.

It should be an interesting race, and a great political showdown in Andover.

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