Emperor Obama Violates 1st Amendment Rights for Freedom of Religion

This story hit last week and has been brewing since the abomination of ObamaCare was first passed.  We, as Americans – regardless of our professions of faith or lackthereof – must rage against this gross violation of our 1st Amendment Rights to Freedom of Religion.

I also would argue that it violates the sanctity of contractural rights between employee.

I believe that at least three of our Republican presidential candidates (Romney, Gingirch & Santoum…the latter both being Catholics) have issued public statements condemning the Obama Administration for this assault.

For those of us who are Catholics, our Bishops & our Popes call for us to at least pray to overturn this tyranny.  Perhaps what is needed even more is muscled activism both in contacting our elected officials and voting some out at the ballot box!

This is not merely a Catholic issue, as we are simply the current targets.  Other Christian denominations are under the gun, as many of our Evangelical brethren clearly understand, but even those who are of other, non-Christian faiths, should be gravely concerned.  Indeed, as I referenced earlier, even for the atheist, there is much to fear when government can became large enough to both give and take away your rights.

Catholic parishioners around the country were read letters this morning written by church leadership railing against an Obama administration ruling that requires employers to provide health insurance plans that include contraceptive coverage.

Churches and other houses of worship are exempt from the guidelines but Catholic hospitals, colleges, and social services fall under the umbrella of institutions covered by the decision.

Originally introduced last summer, the decision was lauded by abortion rights supporters. But Catholicism considers some forms of contraception termination of life and religious leaders say adherence would fly in the face of the tenets of their faith. Critics also charge it would be a violation of the Constitutional right to freedom of religion.

The National Association of Evangelicals also stands against the decision.

This is an outrage calling out to Heaven for justice, one I fully believe begins here in the City of Earth with a coalition of faiths, secular activists, and members of all political affiliations who are fed up with the heavy hand of government and will rise up as the grassroots army necessary to topple the Emperor.  Lest we end up like the Christians before Nero


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