Olympia Snowe Calls It Quits

The senior U.S. Senator from Maine, Olympia Snowe, has decided not to seek a fourth term.


Political rancor and ideological intransigence, both in the Senate and within the party have apparently taken their toll on this very moderate Republican, who took office in 1995, after serving eight terms in the House representing Maine’s 2nd district.

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Game Changer.

Snowe’s seat was considered to be pretty safe.

She was facing a primary challenge by Scott D’Amboise, but the Democrats weren’t putting up any serious contenders.


With the possibility of a Senate gain, we can expect to see some serious DNC money make it’s way to vacation land.

Look for a scramble of Democrat hopefuls to test the waters over the coming weeks.

Among them;

– Mike Michaud, who has Snowe’s old 2nd district seat.

– Elliot Cutler, failed candidate for Governor

– Chelli Pingree, whose hedge fund hubby S.Donald Sussman, just bought himself a seat on the

   board of Chelli’s Cheerleading Squad – The Portland Press Herald.

Add to the drama yet another controversial same sex marriage referendum, and Maine is suddenly in the crosshairs (can I say that?) of national politics.

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