No Supporters Allowed – Talk about Failing Stagecraft – w/Caption Contest

The left in Massachusetts has been getting a chuckle this week about some stagecraft miscues by the Romney campaign, and a funny sign that has been up at M.L. Shaws in Dracut since the day I skipped first period in High School for a lumberjack breakfast in 1990.  Blue Mass Group even gave it a front page post.  

The real funny thing about that photo is that there actually were women, and girls in the room.  Paging Warren Shaw, I think you may be getting a complaint from the radical feminists that were in your parking lot lately, about your insensitivity to you know GIRLZ spelled with a Z.  

To paraphrase our good friend David Kravitz, the real thing that was HILARIOUS this week was the utter lack of support in the room for Danielle Gregoire, the former State Representative from Marlborough, whom Steven Levy beat in 2010 by 100 votes. Here’s a photo of her kickoff, dutifully tweeted by a MetroWest Young Democrat.

Talk about stagecraft fail.  The night Republican Arthur Vigeant won the Mayor’s race in Marlborough a picture like that would have been impossible to take.  It was just too crowded.

Please provide a caption for the above photo in the comments.  Best one wins bragging rights.

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