MassGOP Region 5 Meeting – Allegations of Possible Voter Disenfranchisement

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Please join me for a MassGOP Region 5 meeting to be held on on Wednesday, March 14 at 7:00 pm at the Andrews-Dahill Post 1531 VFW located at 477 Park Street in New Bedford. In addition to the sixteen State Committee members, our area elected officials, and all Republicans are cordially invited.

The main focus of this meeting will be a discussion with our very special guest Jim McKenna, recent candidate for Attorney General, concerning serious allegations of possible voter disenfranchisement arising from the 2010 State Primary.

New Bedford was intentionally selected to be host to this MassGOP Regional Meeting due to grave allegations arising directly from the counting and certification of write-in votes during the primary race between Jim McKenna and Guy Carbone within the city. These potential problems are dire and may have serious ramifications throughout the Commonwealth.

This be the first regional meeting following the March 6, “Super Tuesday” election of State Committee members so it will provide our new and returning colleagues an opportunity to gather together.

Furthermore, this meeting will additionally provide a welcoming venue for our Congressional candidates a forum to meet and greet their voters and potential constituents.

Please spread notice of this meeting to any and all fellow Massachusetts Republicans.

Best regards,

Brock N. Cordeiro

MassGOP Regional Chairman – Region 5

MassGOP State Committeeman — Second Bristol & Plymouth State Senate district

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  •   This BS about democrats deciding which votes they deign to count is TREASON! Sorry for the strong language, but it is!

  • The article was published some months ago just after Jim McKenna began to beat the drums.  I’ve kept in close contact with him on this matter as while there are possible allegations across Massachusetts as a State Committee mmeber the City of New Bedford falls squarely within my Second Bristol and Plymouth senate district.  Activity as gotten to a point that it’s now necessary to let open the sunshine and kick open the doors so the fresh air can reach the interesting developments that may have ocurred back in the 2010 State Primary.  As such, the Region 5 meeting was called by myself at a New Bedford venue so that Jim McKenna can lead the discussion.  

    As what allegedly may have happend in New Bedford was not necessary isolated to the Whaling City, but rather it was spotlighted in particular, the meeting was held here locally but Republicans from across the Commonwealth are invited.  I post the following as it is in the public realm having been published awhile ago and to provide some background reference without hopefully stealing Jim’s thunder.

    Put simply, every vote counts and every vote should be counted!

    And in some communities, including New Bedford, Maynard and Wilmington, no votes were recorded for either of the major write-in candidates. All the write-ins cast there were put into an “All Others” category that does not list the names of those who received write-in votes; write-ins in other towns and cities that were not credited to specific candidates went into the same category.

    In New Bedford, Election Commissioner Maria Tomasia conceded that at least 22 write-in ballots for Mr. McKenna and a handful for Mr. Carbone were not awarded to the candidates by name.

    The official 2010 state election results, published in June, state that 202 write-ins were cast in the GOP attorney general primary in New Bedford, and none of them were for Mr. McKenna or Mr. Carbone.

    “We hardly have any Republicans in the city of New Bedford,” Ms. Tomasia said in an interview, adding that she found “strange” a recent phone call to her from Mr. McKenna requesting more information about the election.

    Ms. Tomasia said she did not record the names of who the write-in voters selected, because there were so few write-ins.

    “I didn’t think it was sufficient,” she said.

    Now, though, Mr. McKenna said, the democratic principle that every vote should be counted is at stake.

    The former candidate, a lawyer with a practice in his hometown, expressed anger over the New Bedford election official’s approach to the election and speculated that other local election officials similarly failed to register all the write-in votes.

    “It was in complete violation of her duty and oath,” Mr. McKenna said. “Every person has a right to vote; it’s not a privilege, and she has a responsibility to count the votes.”