Massachusetts Democratic Party Tracker Disses Springfield

It is customary practice for political candidates to be tracked.  The tracker, however, usually stays in the background and gives his or her material to people that can use it.  It seems however the most recent tracker got himself in a little hot water.  You see he’s dissed the entire city of Springfield.  So says the Boston Herald.

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is tracked everywhere he goes by a video camera-toting Democratic operative, including to Springfield last week. The operative apparently doesn’t have the highest opinion of the western Massachusetts city – or tricked-out cars.

“Just saw a Ford Probe with gull-wing doors installed. Welcome to Springfield, MA,” the operative tweeted.

Funny observation, perhaps, but dissing an entire city is probably not the best way to pump up your  candidate’s populist appeal.

I guess the elites over at the Mass Democratic Party can’t be bothered with the “simpletons” in Springfield.  

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