Mass Insight Poll Puts Brown up by 10

According to National Journal a new poll commissioned by MassInsight and performed by Opinion Dynamics puts Scott Brown up by 10 percentage points on Elizabeth Warren.  

The poll, conducted by Opinion Dynamics for Boston-based consulting firm Mass Insight Global Partnerships, shows Brown winning 52 percent to Warren’s 42 percent, the second poll in two weeks giving Brown a wide lead. A Suffolk University poll released Feb. 16 put Brown up 9 points, 49 percent to 40 percent, departing from earlier surveys that portrayed a narrow lead for Warren.

A Mass Insight poll in October showed Brown with a five-point edge over Warren, 44 to 39.

It is important to remember that MassInsight was the poll that showed Charlie Baker closing in the final days of the campaign.  So keep that in mind before getting too giddy.  But this is another good sign.

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