Joe Kennedy III wants to grab Barney Frank’s seat….

Joe Kennedy III, ‘Ginger’ as he is known to friends and family, has publicly announced that he wants to grab Barney Frank’s seat.  Ginger is the son of Joe Kennedy II who delivers oil from communist dictators to poor people in exchange for votes.  You probably remember Joe II for his popular Kennedy pastimes such as dropping out of college and driving cars upside down on city streets thus paralyzing people.  

Ginger has already started to undertake the necessary steps to represent the people in Barney Frank’s district.  1. He moved to the district.  This is usually called carpet-bagging and demonstrates for all to see that Ginger knows nothing of the district and is running on name only.  2. He quit his job.  Proof positive that Ginger knows he is going to win based on name only.  3. He smiled.  Thusly showing the Kennedy mouth full of pearly whites.  A sure fire way to get liberal, tin-foil wearing, moonbats to swoon over the possibility of another Kennedy holding office for about 100 years while accomplishing nothing.  

In response to the announcement that Kennedy is running, a very happy Barney Frank declared “I would love to have Joe grab my seat.  The possibilities are exciting.  I feel a bit feverish and feint over the prospect of a Kennedy grabbing my seat”.  When it was explained that the seat in question was his congressional seat Frank declared “Well, that’s a good thing too”.  

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