Elizabeth Warren called out for ducking Democrat debates. Why won’t she attend?

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Not much is heard these days of Washington insider, and business killer, Elizabeth Warren who is looking to challenge Scott Brown for a US Senate seat in Massachusetts.  We know she is hard at work as she is attending fundraiser, after fundraiser, after fundraiser bringing in millions of dollars to use in the campaign against Scott Brown.  

What many in her own political party are getting frustrated with is that Elizabeth Warren refuses to attend debates against either of the two remaining Democrat candidates for the position.  The 2 remaining candidates are Marisa DeFranco and James Coyne King. DeFranco is an immigration Lawyer and King is an Attorney from Boston.

These comments from DeFranco after Warren refused to attend a recent debate:

“I love debating and talking about the issues. It is the best way to engage the voters and a fundamental part of the process,” said DeFranco, an immigration lawyer from Middleton. “The fact that she’s missed so many of these forums is disrespectful to the process and the voters. There are so few ways in modern politics where voters can get an actual feel for the candidates, and these forums are one way to do it. Voters should be able to see how the candidates respond when they don’t have a prepared answer.”

Candidate King adds:

“We are all here for the same reason- to defeat Scott Brown,” King said. “The best way to do that is to have a competitive primary, and these forums are a key component of that process. At the forums, the public asks us about the issues on their minds and we address them directly. Her lack of attendance is not conducive to a competitive process.”

When confronted with the question of why Elizabeth Warren refuses to attend many of the debates her spox responds that the debates are not good with her schedule.  

DeFranco adds:

“The voters are hungry for substance. I find it puzzling that I’m a candidate for the U.S. Senate and we are yet to have a discussion about foreign policy,” DeFranco said. “As a voter, I want to know where she stands. I’m willing to show up anytime, anywhere to let you know where I stand on the issues.”

So Elizabeth Warren is being called out by her own party for not attending debates and forums and answering the questions the voters have of her.  She is purposely avoiding public debates with her opponents.  Why?  Is she afraid of her debate skills?  Does she feel that she is above the other two candidates and needs not stoop so low as to appear with them?  Is she afraid her screachy personality will turn people off?  Why send an impression to voters that you don’t care?

I am guessing that the Democrat machine has banked on Elizabeth Warren winning the primary without getting a scratch on her.  They want to save her money and keep her blemish free so she can attack US Senator Scott Brown without any vetting process at all.  I hope they are wrong.  I hope the mainstream media will do its job and find out why she avoids the debates, and what it is she has to hide from the other candidates and voters.

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