Elizabeth Warren campaigns for MA middle class – in Hollywood with job outsourcers.

Massachusetts favorite nanny-looking Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is once again fighting for the middle class working folks of Massachusetts – in Hollywood.  On March 1st she is holding a $5000 per plate dinner at the Hollywood home of Skip Brittenham and his famous movie star wife Heather Thomas.  You probably remember Heather Thomas from her 1978 appearance in “David Cassidy: Man under Cover’ and a follow up appearance in 1983 on the “Love Boat”.  Her appearance was so good in The Love Boat she immediately got work in 1984 in a single epidose of “TJ Hooker”.  But enough about Heather!

Heather’s husband, Skip, is a Lawyer and serves on the Board of Directors for Pixar Films.  We are all familiar with their many Hollywood blockbusters that have elevated the executives into the top 1 percent that Elizabeth Warren hates so much.  That aside, Pixar has been in the news lately for moving a lot of its movie production to….wait for it….here it is….Canada! Yup, out of the country and far away from American workers.  Of course, it takes with it the many millions in tax revenues as well….

According to the movie industry bible the Hollywood Reporter magazine, more than 2,000 people are employed by the special effects trade in Vancouver –    a figure likely to grow by several hundred by year’s end.

The majority of clients are major American studios, some of whom first came to the area to avoid the 2008 Hollywood writers strike and the US economic crisis, and were then happy enough with what they found here to stick around.

Some have even opened up their own subsidiaries here. Famed American film studios such as Pixar, Sony Pictures Imagework are among the Hollywood companies to create Canadian outposts in the Vancouver area.

The American companies are lured by a local tax break of 17.5 per cent and various other incentives tailored to attracting special effects and computer animation projects in British Columbia.

The government here first began offering a bundle of tax incentives in 2003 to woo the then-nascent special effects and animation production industry.

The favourable tax terms serve as a magnet for what is now a thriving industry, which works on some 250 films each year and provides employment for about 30,000 local workers.

And Richard Brownsey, president of the local film society, said the meteoric growth is likely to only continue.

“It’s a virtuous circle,” he said, adding the “professionalism, quality of work, tax refunds encourage studios to do their post-production here. It is creating more jobs.”

But wait a minute here – I thought rich folks were supposed to pay their fair share?  Why aren’t Elizabeth Warren’s Hollywood campaign friends paying their fair share?  Instead they are shipping jobs up into Canada where the oil flows and the jobs are plenty.  Good jobs working for companies that started out in the USA, but moved because of tax breaks.  

It’s funny, this is one of those companies that Elizabeth Warren talks about ‘making it good’ by using our roads and our workers – only to jump to another country where the tax breaks are better.  Seem like hypocrisy to me…eh?

I wonder if Marisa Defranco and James Coyne King are campaigning in Hollywood in the weeks ahead?  I guess if Elizabeth Warren ever showed up at a primary debate we could ask her.  

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