Dimasi Chatter, BMG Not Interested in Political Story of Week, RMG to Appear on PoliticsinStereo

Dimasi, Dimasi, Dimasi

The most compelling political story of the week in Massachusetts is the bus trip odyssey of our former Speaker and current federal inmate, Salvatore Dimasi.  Starting with a blurb in the Boston Herald on Monday it’s all anybody is talking about.  Here are some of the latest developments.

Confirming a Red Mass Group story from yesterday, the Boston Herald is reporting that informant Joseph Lally has been moved from Devens.  The move was apparently last week.

Former salesman Joseph P. Lally Jr., 50, of North Reading served less than two months at Devens. Last week, he was moved to the Allenwood Federal Correctional Complex in White Deer, Pa. BOP spokesman Chris Burke declined to say why.

Devens is where DiMasi, 66, begged to be. Instead, he was placed in Kentucky on Nov. 30, until he turned up Monday in Brooklyn. Sources told the Herald he is expected to return to Massachusetts to testify before a federal grand jury investigating corruption within the state Probation Department.

To get a sense of what exactly the mood is on Beacon Hill you must watch this excellent news story from Channel Five WCVB. (NOTE TO WCVB – If you allow people to embed, more will watch your videos and increase your ad revenue).  The looks on Thomas Petrolati, and Patricia Haddad’s faces are priceless.

The Brockton Enterprise has a story focusing on the local reaction to the Dimasi news.  Of particular note is what Michael Sullivan, former US Attorney, has to say.

Former U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan, now a partner in a legal consulting group founded by former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, said grand jury proceedings can sometimes last months depending on the complexity of a particular case, adding that it would be premature to speculate on any potential indictments of specific individuals.

He described what he would have done if the Ware Report came out during his tenure.

“I think it would be important to make sure no stone was left unturned,” Sullivan said. “It’s important to make sure the public continues to have confidence in the various government agencies.”

Many news reports are also stating that it looks like Dimasi won’t testify until next week.

Blue Mass Group Has Head in the Sand

I’ve continued to scratch my head over the past four days that there are no front page posts at Blue Mass Group regarding the Dimasi situation.  It is the largest political story of the week, and nobody there has seen fit to comment on it, save Ernie Boch III, who’s blurb on Monday hasn’t even been front paged.

What has been occupying our differently winged friends time?  Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney, indigent Defense, and contraception.  That’s it.  The former speaker of the house, by all reports is going to come and blow the lid off the systematic corruption of the party they help to elect, and they’ve got nothing.  But don’t forget, progressives are for good government, and they’ll remind you of that at every opportunity.

Red Mass Group in Stereo

A new website has been launched for the 2012 election cycle, PoliticsinStero.com.  The site is an aggregator of three state based news sources in select states.  A source from the left, an old media down the middle source, and a source from the right are all presented on a state page.  Here for instance is their page on Maine.  

Red Mass Group has been selected to be the right side news source for the Massachusetts page, which will launch shortly.  I look forward to the added readers this site should bring.

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