Deval Patrick’s organ donor legislation – does it allow choice?

I hate to ask, but since we live in Massachusetts – does this cover every organ?  According to the legislation S.2067 if you volunteer to be an organ donor then the medical personel can take any organ they want to use for transplant, research, etc.

So if Michelle Kosilak is one day granted his sex change operation at taxpayers expense – a little bit of you could go home with her….

In reading the legislation it appears that any organ can be used and transplanted into anyone else.  I see no limits on what organ can be given and who can receive it.  Shouldn’t we be able to limit who gets to use our organs, or tissue or eyes after our death?  For instance, if a blind murderer serving a life sentance wanted to have your eyes after you pass away – should he be allowed?  Should Michelle Kosilak be allowed to use body parts from someone?  Should criminals be allowed to get donations?  Will illegal immigrants get kidneys and livers ahead of American citizens?  Will terrorists tried in American courts and imprisoned in US jails get them?

I think the law needs to be further detailed to allow limitations on who gets donated organs….  Your thoughts?  This is your chance John Howard….

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