Deval Patrick Administration Again Lies To Boston Herald About Size of State Government Employment

In today’s Boston Herald we learn that the number of state employees earning over $100,000 has risen by 40% during the Deval Patrick administration.  In the story the administration again tells the press that they’ve cut 6,000 jobs since the peak of the recession.

Alex Zaroulis, spokeswoman for Gov. Deval Patrick, said the governor “has consistently kept executive-branch employment and compensation levels in check” and has eliminated 6,000 state jobs since the recession. Patrick has proposed slashing another 300 state jobs in next year’s budget.

The problem is that the number quoted by the administration time and time again, just isn’t true.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, the number of state workers has risen by 8,000 since December of 2006, the last month of the Mitt Romney administration.  Since July of 2008 in the midst of the 2008 financial meltdown, the number of state workers has risen by 5,100 according to the bureau.  

Saying that state government employment has dropped under the Deval Patrick administration is a fallacy.  Unless of course the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment numbers are not to be believed.  

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  • Such hard times on the state level.  It must have been so difficult to have gotten a 12% pay increase for some of these state employees.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    aren’t good enough reporters to follow up with some basic research to see if what Deval Patrick says is a lie or the truth.  

    As the state’s work force shrunk, the number of top earners grew.

    Seems they just accepted it as fact!

    Too bad that bloggers like Rob Eno has to take time out of his day to figure the truth….  There was a time when reporters actually reported!

    But then again, that explains why the Herald sux and always has…  

    Most important is that it is too bad we have a lying filthy rotten Governor that feels fine about making blatant lies to his citizens…