Beyond Slots or Casinos; the Gaming of the Massachusetts Taxpayer

Statement of State Senate Candidate Dean Cavaretta on Legislation to Prevent a Taxpayer-funded Bailout of Casinos (2/13/2012)

“I congratulate State Representatives Matthew Beaton (R – Shrewsbury) and Kimberly Ferguson (R – Holden) on filing recent legislation to protect taxpayers from having to bailout casinos if expanded gaming fails in Massachusetts. I wholeheartedly support them in their efforts.

It would be a mistake for our state to pick winners and losers in private business. We saw that blatantly in the case of Evergreen Solar, a start-up, company whose failure cost state taxpayers $58 million.  

That is why I find it ironic that this latest legislation also has the support of my opponent, Jamie Eldridge, who championed the state investment in Evergreen Solar.  His willingness to gamble with our state’s money in cases like that is even more unacceptable in the context of declining Local Aid, and a contracting tax base that is strangling our municipalities and schools.

Jamie Eldridge needs to realize that there is more than the issue of expanded gaming at stake here. His record is one of special interest causes out of the mainstream – like a Massachusetts Medicare-for-All Plan when we should be saving the near bankrupt, original Medicare for seniors.  No matter what Casino Gaming may hold for our state going forward, I’m much more concerned about the ‘casino gaming’ of the taxpayer who is on the hook for wasteful spending at a time when exploding debt threatens our Recovery.

As a former teacher and state transportation official, I am running because it is crucial for the Legislature to protect taxpayer funds, accelerate infrastructure projects and to make shrewd public investments. Especially, at a time when home values continue to fall, causing further strains on local budgets and residents’ wallets.  

I am the only candidate in my race with a viable Economic Plan and work experience that will benefit our district immediately.  I look forward to having an opportunity to partner with like-minded reformers, including Representatives Beaton and Ferguson, if I am elected to the State Senate this November.”


Dean Cavaretta (R-Stow)

Candidate for State Senate

Middlesex & Worcester District

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