A Challenge for Incumbent Non-Challenged Republican Representatives, Donate To the Party

A quick scan of OCPF contribution records of the Massachusetts Republican and Democratic State Parties yields an insight into how the Democrats achieve electoral success.  Democratic Leadership and Candidates regularly give money to the State Party, in large amounts.  Since electronic records have been kept by the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, candidates and leadership have donated $2.19M to the Democratic State Committee in over $5000 contributions, for apparently non-coordinated expenditures like mailings.  Republicans have donated $49,000, all from Scott Brown.

This year and moving forward, those Republican incumbents who do not have a challenge should take a page out of the Democratic Playbook and donate to the party.  It will help our candidates tremendously.  Here is a list of our 2010 non-challenged incumbents, and what they had for cash on hand at the end of 2010.

Jay Barrows – $14.5K

Betty Poirier – $15.45K

Brad Hill – $30.6K

Todd Smola – $19.7K

Don Humason – $7.1K

Brad Jones – $96.2K

Vinny DeMacedo – $18.67

Paul Frost – $1.43K

George Peterson – $3.4K

Richard Ross – $25K

Bob Hedlund – $160.4K

Bruce Tarr – $137.7K

If some of that money had been transferred to the State Party, as the Democrats do we may have picked up a few more seats.  Including overthrowing Therese Murray.

If you are an incumbent legislator and have no opponent, please consider donating that money to the State Party so they can help build our presence.  

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