What did Jon Huntsman ever do to the Boston Globe?

The Boston Globe has endorsed – wait for it! – former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman for the Republican presidential nomination.

In other news, PETA is expected to announce its favorite sandwich meat.

One wonders at the psychology of this move. The Massachusetts primary is in March, so it is a good bet that the Commonwealth’s GOP voters aren’t the Globe’s intended audience. Apparently its editors think someone in New Hampshire – no, strike that – some Republican in New Hampshire – might take its voting advice to heart.  I’m not sure I agree with the premise, but kudos for optimism.

It is a well established fact that the Globe pretty much loathes Mitt Romney. Could be the editors couldn’t resist the opportunity to devote a chunk of column space to some unabashed Mitt-bashing, and Governor Huntsman (as every liberal’s favorite Republican) provided a handy delivery device.

Then again, isn’t there an argument to be made that the Globe’s endorsement of Huntsman harms nobody so much as Huntsman?… READ THE REST at CriticalMASS

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  • edfactor

    I used to work in Merrimack, and people up there, even Republicans, would read it every day. I don’t like their editorial writers at all and my conservative friends up there wouldn’t, either. However, their endorsement will seem like a good reason to believe that Huntsman can win over people who voted for President Obama last time. For those who automatically reject anyone the Globe would endorse… they aren’t going to be who decides this election anyway.  

  • The Globe tried to make a run into NH 20 years ago but it failed. NH has some decent (have content) papers- Union Leader, Nashua Telegraph, Foster’s Daily, and Eagle Trib (from MA) has coverage.

    This is what most people in NH read.

    I think Republicans are tired of MSM telling them that Huntsman is the best choice. As soon as he was nominated they would be attacking him.

  • Let’s face it, the Globe’s Editors are smart enough to know that the Pro-Obama’s don’t want to see Romney staring to get big numbers indicative of growing support. This in turn could domino into South Carolina and Florida. Consequently,it would be Game-over.

    Also, the Globe would prefer to see the Republicans battle on right into our March 6th Primary where they could potentially see Advertising $$’s, so long as there still remains a percieved chance other Candidates are still in the Hunt! Remember, we are not a winner take all State.

  • are like oil and water.  Any hope Huntsman had just died.

  • rzazula

    Huntsman is in the race to allow the media to remind people how bad Mormans are without actually saying Romney.