Warren’s $5.7 Million Quarter

(It will be interesting to see how much of this comes from out of state. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

No point beating around the bush. Elizabeth Warren’s fourth quarter haul is impressive. Its more than some viable presidential candidates will raise.

The strategic party money is behind her. Massachusetts is the only senate seat the Democrats think they can flip and it might be the seat the helps them retain the senate. The grassroots money is behind her too. She’s won the hearts and minds of the base.

Its no fluke. Her fundraising numbers will only grow.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    that will get millions upon millions of dollars donated to her campaign from radical groups around the country.  It’s kinda odd that she will gladly take political quid pro quo donations from the very people that she claimed she was protecting consumers from….

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Elizabeth Warren – who hauled in an eye-popping $5.7 million the last three months of 2011 – refused to swear off Wall Street money yesterday, instead claiming that any money she gets from deep-pocketed financiers is coming from those who “want reform.”

    She created what will end up being a big fat bloated consumer protection bureau, and then when she is not chosen to run it she takes money from the folks on Wall Street who she claimed she was fighting….  The irony is so thick!!

    “Professor Warren’s double-talk on Wall Street campaign funds is brazen hypocrisy – she decries campaign cash from Wall Street while simultaneously asking them to contribute to her campaign. Professor Warren’s Wall Street hypocrisy is stunning.”

    She is doing all this while continuing to act like a crazy lady on the campaign trail.  

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    I work for a Mutual Fund Company in Boston …

    If I give $100 to Scott Brown they will look at my employment info and call me a Wall Street 1%-er ?

    That’s fricken weak!

  • a large disparity of Dem seats up vs Rep seats?  I’m thinking that this is one Rep seat the Machine thinks they can win, so they’re going to heavily fund it.

    My eyes did not pop out at this $$$.

  • Some of my left winged friends on facebook have been sharing a map showing from where Elizabeth Warren’s 23,000 individual MA contributions have come.

    However, Team Warren stated that they raised $5.7 million last quarter, and that the average donation was $64. So, assuming the average is roughly the same for MA contributors as it is for non-MA contributors it means that those 23,000 Massachusetts contributors accounted for $1.47 million of the $5.7 million she raised; or roughly 25%.

    Now, maybe the average donation is a bit higher from her own state than it it outside of MA. It’s rarely the case in campaigns, but it could be true for her. It’s also true that I’m going off of campaign reports as opposed to the still unavailable FEC report. However, a quick analysis of the 1st FEC report also shows that her ability to raise money outside of Massachusetts is better than her ability to raise it inside of MA. That report showed that only about 40% of reported contributors came from Massachusetts.

    This is overall good news for Scott Brown. I never expected him to have a fundraising advantage against a Democrat in Massachusetts, especially considering the importance of this race on the national stage. While he still does have more cash on hand, I expect that advantage to dissipate over the coming months.

    However, the fact that Warren is doing far better outside of MA than inside of MA is encouraging. Even with the large importance of this seat in terms of the balance of power in the US Senate, the whole country will not be watching this race, unlike when Brown won last January. The progressive activists from across the US who are filling Warren’s campaign account will be focused on electing Democrats (or Green Party) candidates locally in 2012 or on re-electing President Obama. Now, it’s up to local center-right activists to rally behind Scott Brown, make the difference in this race, and beat back the challenge from Warren.

  • They are writing laws for the whole country, and are Senators in the US Senate first, they just come from the states but they are supposed to put the country first, then their state and constituents second. So it is appropriate for them to campaign nationally.

    It’s very different from out of state millionaires secretly bankrolling state rep races to sway a state to support same-sex marriage. That should be illegal, state races should not be allowed to accept out of state money.

    Scott Brown could raise (again) lots of out of state money if he would support the FMA and be the 67th vote, and showed some support for the Republican candidate and made it a national issue. Obama opposes an FMA I think, as does Warren.


  • Ryan

    CEO maxing out, or janitor giving $5, it’ll count as FROM: SO & SO Corp.

    It’s a really stupid way of accounting.  It should only be counted as such if the company is sponsoring a fundraising drive, or the people are executive management.  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Liz has!