Urinating on Afghan corpses…….

The liberal, looney, moonbat left is up in arms over the newly released video of American Marines urinating on the corpse of Afghan soldiers.  Read story here.

I too, find it utterly disgusting regardless of the fact that the Afghan soldiers belonged to the Taliban, which is a militant terrrorist group determined to kill Americans.  To show their disdain for these actions both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta have publicly condemned the action.

Here is my recommendation for how this should be handled in the future.  Though I discourage it, if one MUST piss on a terrorist corpse, please be smart enough to wrap the terrorist  corpse in the American flag as pissing on the flag doesn’t seem to bother anybody, like the folks in the Obama administration.  Also, one could crucify the terrorist on a cross and then piss on them because making offensive actions toward Christians doesn’t seem to bother the left.

‘But really V3PN, liberals never defecated on a US flag’.  For the doubters in the group see this link of OWS protestors.  Caution graphic pics..  While on the subject, let’s remember that Elizabeth Warren was the intellectual inspiration for OWS.  

Need I remind others of the many stories of ‘artists’ creating works depicting Jesus soaking in urine, or somehow offending Christians?  Many of the financed by the NEA using your tax dollars…..

So how long will it take Clinton and Panetta to show their collective outrage over the treatment of sacred Christian symbols or US flags?  

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