Tim Murray thinks you’re stupid! Are you?

(He should know about Keurig, they are a Massachusetts based subsidiary of Green Mountain Coffee. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Another day and more questions for the beleaguered Lt. Governor. Here’s a few that I’d like answered.

1) How is it that the second most powerful politician in the Commonwealth can not get an itemized cell phone bill?

2) Now that Tim has agreed to “pay for” the wrecked automobile, is he paying for it or is his campaign account paying for it? If he was out at 4:30 am on campaign business, doesn’t that create a whole new set of questions?

3) Is Tim or the campaign account paying the speeding ticket?

4) Will he be surcharged given his speeding violation?

5) If he was viewing storm damage at that early hour in the morning, wouldn’t it have made more sense to wait ’til it wasn’t dark outside?

6) Does he know that you can get the paper online?

7) Has he ever heard of Keurig, the very handy and popular one cup coffee brewing appliance?

And yes, I’m glad he wasn’t hurt, but have no idea how that is even possible given the photos I have seen of the car.  

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