Stick forks in Mitt and Newt, they are both done.

Romney is in a losing battle over his tax returns.…

(Reuters) – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a key ally of Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney, on Wednesday joined Romney’s rivals in urging the candidate to release his income tax forms after he said he pays roughly a 15 percent tax rate.

“Let’s get all of the facts out there. See what the tax returns say,” Christie told MSNBC’s program “Morning Joe,” although he downplayed that the forms would reveal much and that all the attention would probably be “much ado about nothing.”

As for Gingrich, Drudge is reporting that ABC will be doing a career ending interview with his ex-wife.…

Now I get to reuse a quote I first used when Cain’s women problems came to light:

“Sweet is revenge–especially to women.” – Lord Byron, Don Juan (canto I, st. 124)

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