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  • It only took a week for their endorsed candidate to bail out.  

  •      he can get back on the Obama re-election team.

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    He was not nearly as far left as many made him out to be.  Because he served in the Obama administration many people wrongly thought he was a left leaning Republican.  He was NOT!  Had Obama asked me to serve my country in some significant capacity I would have accepted as well.  I think any good American would have unless it drastically changed the political landscape.  Huntsman serving as Ambassador to China did not.  

    His understanding of China may prove crucial.  He knows a lot more about China than does Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich and any other frontrunner.  China is our biggest economic challenger and largest financier of our debt.

    Too bad he couldn’t continue as he was by far the most eloquent of all the candidates.  The guy spoke beautifully and had a monstorous command of the english language.  I never saw his slip up when asked a question.   Not once!