Rick joins marriage debate!

Well this is welcome news! I was browsing around on Santorum’s website to see how he’s positioning himself entering Florida. Guess what is currently at the top of his Issues page? That’s right, at the same time as the race enters Florida, Rick Santorum has entered the marriage debate. He apparently paid the $3.58 a month (“the equivalent of a Starbucks latte”) to join the blog Richochet and posted a few diaries, starting with a diary on marriage, and even responded to comments (though, like most politicians, in a separate diary, not in the comments). The first paragraph is blockquoted on his own website like so:

We Hold These Truths

The White House recently told the press there couldn’t be more difference between my position on gay marriage and President Obama’s.

On reflection, I agree.

President Obama’s position on marriage is constantly “evolving,” as he so often says.  He’s not sure what marriage is, or what it should become, and no doubt right now he’s consulting highly-paid polling experts to determine how his position – and marriage itself – should morph next.  This should come as no surprise given the President’s musings about the other great moral issue of our time, the protection of human life.

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He makes a strong principled argument, though it’d be stronger if he pointed out that same-sex marriage means same-sex reproduction rights, which means genetic engineering and government regulation and funding and intrusion on our natural reproductive rights as a man or a woman. But he’s still consistent with that truth about marriage, and not oblivious to the long term effects of libertarian attitudes toward sex and marriage.

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