Really Lieutenant Governor, “No Special Treatment”? What About The Breathalyzer?

Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray (D-Worcester) wrote an email to supporters this weekend outlining his version of events, surrounding his miraculous dance with death (… ).  In the email he steadfastly states that he has received, “no special treatment”, throughout this ordeal.

Throughout this matter, I have asked for no special treatment. I wanted the Massachusetts State Police to do their job, as they would in any similar case, and they have. At my request they went beyond normal procedure and released the so-called black box data, which is not ordinarily retrieved in accidents like mine.

Is this really true?  I have spoken to former high ranking members of the State Police, all who have told me that it is not routine to give a breathalyzer test by request.  If you, or I, were in a similar accident you would not be able to request a breathalyzer.  Yet, LG Murray was, and it was administration.  That certainly seems like special treatment.  Perhaps an ethics complaint would clear that up.

It is also important to remember that it wasn’t the State Police who willingly released the black box data.  That was done because of the Secretary of State siding with News organizations.

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