Preview of Brown’s Announcement Speech

Red Mass Group has obtained the following excerpts of Scott Brown’s Announcement Speech tonight

“Once again I won’t have the political establishment behind me – not the one on Beacon Hill, and certainly not the one on Capitol Hill. All I will have going for me is my independent record as your United States Senator, and the independent spirit of the Massachusetts voter. I’ll take those advantages any day over the political machine, and with your help in this campaign we will beat the odds again together.

“A lot of people these days feel like they’re up against tough odds, because we still have a jobs crisis in this country. The governing establishment promised to get the economy moving again, but their policies have failed. And with new liabilities like Obamacare, they have added a debt crisis as well. How do you know when the political class is borrowing and spending the country toward disaster? I’d say a pretty sure sign is when the credit rating of the United States is downgraded, and that’s where the tax and spend attitude in Washington has taken us.

“Elections are about accountability, and establishment candidates will have a lot of explaining to do. They’ll try again and again to talk about something else during this election. They’ll wage class warfare, pitting one group of Americans against another. They will attack success, and our free enterprise system. They will use terms like ‘us’ and ‘them.’ Our campaign will always be about ‘We the People.’

“Things would be a lot better in this country if more people in Washington were willing to think for themselves, and to work with each other for the good of America. Two years ago, I pledged to work with colleagues in the delegation and I have done so. I told the voters that I wouldn’t just be another loud, angry partisan, because Washington has too many of those already. I promised to be an independent voice for you, because Washington has too few of those serving right now. I don’t worry about the party line. I don’t get caught up in petty fights. I always remember why I am there and who sent me. I am still nobody’s senator but yours.

“Even though Washington already wastes far too much of your hard-earned money, it’s a guarantee that my opponent will fall right into line with the Washington mindset of more spending, more debt, and eventually more taxes to bail out the big spenders. And that’s a debate I welcome. In 2012, I will run proudly as the only candidate in this race who supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. We do it here in Massachusetts, and we should do it in Washington, D.C.

“In government, you can argue forever and try to be the one who wins by shouting the loudest. Or you can get serious, assume the good faith of others, and do the much harder work of solving the problems that can’t wait. Let’s look at a few of these issues – our seniors depend on Social Security and Medicare, and it’s our responsibility to keep those programs solid and secure without raising taxes. Our economy is undermined by a tax code that is unfair and too complicated, and it’s our job to reform it in a way that doesn’t fuel more spending but lowers rates for everyone. The reason the government has lost all credibility in stopping illegal immigration is because of the magnets we create like in-state tuition breaks that bring more people here in violation of the law. Whatever reforms come later on, it is our duty, right now, to enforce the law and secure the border of the United States.

“As long as I am your senator, I will work with any person of good will in Congress who is ready to confront these challenges and be part of the solution. I’ve found that good things have a way of happening in government, when you’re looking for friends and not just for fights. And this points to one of the defining differences in the choice Massachusetts voters will have in 2012.”

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