Please don’t nominate a Libertarian Transhumanist

The Democrats are already so closely aligned with reproductive freedom and gay rights, feminism, etc, as well as with mandated health care and eugenics and stem cell research, etc, they need to be the party that also argues for same-sex reproduction, genetic engineering of children, and other reproductive “freedoms.”

The Republicans can’t nominate a Libertarian Transhumanist that also is for all that stuff!! We need to trust that the Republican party is not completely in agreement with the progressives on the issues of genetic engineering and transhumanism.

We cannot allow a coup-d’etat by transhumanists by sneaking into the Republican party as Libertarians. We should be able to count on the Republican party being for human dignity and equality and liberty and opposed to materialism and oppression. Libertarian transhumanists should vote for the Democrat.

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