Oh the irony! Still breathing Boston Globe brings you Howie Carr!

For the past two to three years we’ve been hearing from Howie Carr that the Boston Globe is just about to die. But something strange is happening on that deathbed. The Globe and the Herald just signed a deal that would enable the bigger paper to print and deliver the tabloid.

The Herald has been seeking a broader distribution deal with the Globe for about five years, according to Purcell, but the current agreement was hammered out over the last seven months.

It calls for the Globe to print and deliver the city edition of the Herald from Sunday through Friday and the paper’s entire print run for Saturday’s paper. From Sunday through Friday, most Herald copies will still be printed at a Chicopee plant and distributed by wholesalers, including some controlled by the Globe.

Can anyone ask Howie to how explain the longevity of the Globe? What a hypocrite! During the time the Herald been dealing with the Globe for a cooperative deal, Howie’s been misleading his audience about the future of the Globe! Globe gone? Wishful thinking Howie.

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