Mitt Romney endorsed by former US Ambassadors to the Vatican

As would be expected, Rick Santorum – a well known Roman Catholic – has been endorsed by some Catholic voter organizations.  Congratulations!  However, much more surprising is perhaps the fact that several former United States Ambassadors to the Holy See have endorsed Mitt Romney, who is not a Catholic but rather well known to be member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, for President!  

The Vatican envoys include those who served during both Republican and Democratic administrations: Raymond Flynn, James Nicholson, Francis Rooney, Thomas Melady, and Mary Ann Glendon.  Jim Nicholson is also a former Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney, a Mormon facing doubts about his conservative credentials, said Saturday he had the endorsement of five former US ambassadors to the Vatican.

Romney’s campaign unveiled a letter from the ex-envoys hours before a debate in which he was to face off against his rivals, including Catholics Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, who have cast him as a weak-kneed moderate.

The former ambassadors said they were “united” behind Romney “because of his commitment to and support of the values that we feel are critical in a national leader” and “experience, vision and commitment to the common good.”

They cited Romney’s opposition to abortion and his “outstanding record in defense of marriage and the family.”…

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