Mass Lawyers Weekly: DOJ in Washington is Reviewing Probation Indictments, New Names Possible

It looks like we may finally know why the probation indictments are taking so long to release.  David Frank of Mass Lawyers Weekly has reported on twitter that the Department of Justice in Washington is reviewing the indictments.

I am told that q of who gets indicted in probation scandal has been sent back to the DOJ in DC. It could be that some new names have emerged

As I said yesterday, the delay could mean that the net keeps getting wider.  Are people trading up? David seems to think so.

Is it possible Probation indictments are on hold bc one of the targets is cooperating with Feds? At least 1 source I talked to thinks so.

Giving the dirt on others to lessen their possible sentences?  The longer this goes on, the more nervous I’d be, if I were a Massachusetts Democrat.

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