Mass Citizens for Life Statement on Mitt Romney as a Pro-Life Politician

I received this via email earlier this evening from Mass Citizens for Life.  It isn’t an endorsement of Mitt Romney for President by MCFL (nor of Rick Santorum for that matter) but rather a statement clarifying Romney’s status as a politician in support of the pro-life position.  

Yes, Mitt Romney has evolved, matured, into a pro-life governor and now presidential candidate.  Romney follows in the fine tradition of Norma McCorvey, best known as “Jane Roe” of Roe v Wade and Dr. Bernard Nathanson, an infamous abortionist who helped to found NARAL.  Both Ms. McCorvey and Dr. Nathanson likewise evolved into ardent pro-lifers active in the movement.  

It’s no secret that I support Mitt Romney, our former governor, for President of the United States.  Last night at least 50%, and indeed more, of the Iowa Caucus voters embraced a pro-life candidate.  I’ve long had a soft spot for former Senator Rick Santorum.  He is a candidate of principles and convictions.  I firmly believe that he will make a fine vice presidential nominee along side Mitt Romney as our Republican ticket defeats Barack Obama in November!

Above are my comments.  Below, is the emailed press release which has been reproduced as exactly as possible.

As the Duchess said in Alice in Wonderland

We pro-lifers are keen political observers and participants because we know that politics is part of the process to restore the Culture of Life. Last night a good chunk of the country joined us to watch the results of the Iowa caucuses. Of course, pro-lifers are very fond of Rick Santorum!

We in Massachusetts wish Governor Romney would recognize the failings of state-controlled health care and come up with a better way to accomplish his laudable goals but we do not fault his pro-life position.

In the last few days we have had calls at the MCFL office from operatives of other campaigns trying to get us to criticize Romney’s positions on life.   The governor’s positions are pro-life and we feel confident that they will stay that way.

During the fall, national media called for interviews. This 11/11/11 article from the Wall Street Journal, about the Romney turning point in 2005, is an example of where we have referred these operative,…  

Here is the relevant part of the article:

“Mr. Romney as governor pressed forward with a health-care law that he saw as his legacy, a market-driven approach that was in vogue with many conservative thinkers at the time. Now, it appears he may have miscalculated: The Massachusetts health-care law remains a major burden on his quest for the Republican nomination.

Mr. Romney met with abortion-rights activists while running for governor in 2002. He assured them he would protect women’s right to choose abortion and said he would neither expand nor restrict such a right as governor, according to Nicole Roos, chairwoman of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts’ political-action committee. She adds that he said he didn’t wish to be called “pro-choice” and didn’t like the “pro-life” label, either.

A leading abortion foe, Anne Fox of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, says she didn’t even bother to reach out to Mr. Romney during the 2002 campaign, presuming that he was no ally.

Both groups found a change in 2005. In July of that year, Mr. Romney vetoed legislation that would have widened access to the Plan B emergency-contraceptive pill, by requiring hospitals to offer it to all rape victims and allowing some state-approved pharmacists to sell it without prescription.

To Mr. Romney, this was a principled decision consistent with his pledge not to change Massachusetts law relating to abortion.

Ms. Roos of NARAL says that although Mr. Romney had made such a pledge orally, he had stated in the group’s written questionnaire that he supported efforts to expand access to emergency contraception.

The day after the veto, Mr. Romney wrote in a Boston Globe op-ed piece that his convictions on the issue had “evolved,” and declared “I am prolife”-embracing a label Ms. Roos says he had avoided as a candidate in 2002.

Ms. Fox of Citizens for Life says her antiabortion group began having regular contact with a Romney aide and through him asked if Mr. Romney’s wife, Ann, would become an honorary chairwoman of its new capital campaign. She did so.”

Ah, yes, the Duchess, “Tut, tut, child! Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.”

Let’s hope 2012 continues as it started. Anne

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