Lowell Sun Expose on Mike McLaughlin

The Lowell Sun published a lengthy expose on Tim Murray’s phone pal Mike McLaughin in today’s paper.  It shows a man who exerted a great deal of power behind the scenes in his hometown of Dracut.  A man who didn’t take no for an answer.  It also reiterates that he used Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray to accomplish his designs.  From the article:

B ond was appointed to

the authority by Gov. Deval Patrick on July 26 for a four-year term. Each of the roughly 200 housing authorities in


the state have boards of commissioners, with one member appointed by the governor. While those appointments officially fall to Patrick, Lt. Gov. Tim Murray plays a key role in maintaining the administration’s relationship with the housing authorities across the state.

Murray and McLaughlin called each other at least 121 times in 2011, a relationship widely documented.

On the day before Bond’s appointment, McLaughlin called Murray in the morning. Murray returned the call 13 minutes later. The call lasted 13 minutes.

McLaughlin and Martin exchanged four calls on the day of the appointment. Each call lasted three minutes or less.

The article goes on to further outline Murray’s role in finding a job for McLaughlin ally John Zimini, after Suzanne Bump fired him for alleged incompetence.  As this story goes further along it shows a Lieutenant Governor that had no reservations helping his allies by using his position.  Either that, or he’s comfortable being someone’s patsy.

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