IsThere Bias In The Media

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                       IS THERE BIAS IN THE MEDIA?

                              By: Edward P.Shallow

The question of gay marriage is on the minds of conservatives and independents as the presidential campaigns intensify.  Consider after candidate Rick Santorum’s near successful victory in Iowa, when addressing a group of college students in New Hampshire, the issue of gay marriage became the focal point, and as we all know Rick, to his credit supports traditional marriage as most Americans do.  He expressed that position and was soundly booed.  It is common knowledge that most professors instruct their students with a communist bent. Immediately after the incident occurred I checked every network on TV and the student reaction was the highlight of the broadcasts. Any bias there?

I proclaim that gay marriage will be a winning issue among minority groups for the upcoming election.  Many minority groups have such strong religious convictions that they will leave the Democratic Party in favor of conservative candidates that express their convictions in traditional marriage.

I am pleased to report the National Organization for Marriage has indicated that Newt Ginrich just joined Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry in committing to do five things.

1. Support a federal marriage amendment–the only way to protect marriage.

2.  Appoint an attorney general and Supreme Court justices who see marriage as the union of one husband and wife.

3.  Vigorously defend DOMA in court.

4.   Appoint a presidential commission to investigate the increasing instances of threats to the person, property and livelihood of traditional marriage supporters.

5.   Give back to the people of D.C. their right to vote for marriage, which the D.C. city government arbitrarily stripped from them.

Congrats, to all the candidates who have shown they are willing to be marriage champions.

Ron Paul was the only candidate to refuse to join the other candidates to protect marriage. He also refused to name one single thing he would do as president to prevent the courts from imposing gay marriage on all 50 states.  He does nor supports the federal marriage amendment.

I have in my possession a report from the U S Times “Hispanics Oppose Gay Marriage (–oppose –gay marriage.htm)

Washington (By Eunice Mossoro, Cox News Service) March 24, 2004

Daniel de Leon has been counseling Hispanics with family problems for three decades and fears that the nation’s movement towards gay marriage will make the situation worse.  “Those kids are going to suffer,” said de Leon, pastor of Tempio Calvarias in Santa Ana, Calif., the largest Hispanic Evangelic church in the United States. “It’s not just a matter of sex, or a matter of two adults being together and having their way.  To us, a man and a woman are here to create a family and the family needs that support of Daddy and Momma.”

De Leon’s concerns echo a fear shared by many Hispanics that gay marriage threatens the concept of the family, practically sacred in Hispanic culture.  I warn candidates this vote is yours for the taking, risk it at your peril.  Liberals will offer no opposition.

Do not make the mistake of overlooking the black vote; in California, it was the black vote that defeated the proposition on gay marriage in that state when 70% voted against the proposition to grant gay marriage.

The belief that gay marriage is wrong is held by many Americans and stems from Biblical sources such as is expressed  in Leviticus 18:22 “Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman: that is detestable.”

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