Iowa Caucuses from a South Coast, Massachusetts Perspective

The Standard-Times of New Bedford published this article in today’s edition for the Iowa Caucuses to be held later tonight.  They sought the opinions of a trio of South Coast Republicans that included Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson, activist Jacob Ventura, and myself.

Here is only a brief excerpt of a much longer piece which can be found in its entirety at Local Republicans assess Iowa’s impact by Brian Boyd.

If Mitt Romney catches a strong breeze today in the Iowa caucuses, he would go on to the upcoming primaries with the wind to his back, local Republicans said.

The former Massachusetts governor does not have to finish first in today’s contest to win the GOP’s nomination, though coming in at least second or third would help, local elected officials and party activists said.

Romney is likely to win the New Hamsphire primary a week from today, regardless of what happens in Iowa, said Jacob Ventura, a Dartmouth Republican who is helping coordinate Romney volunteers in the Granite State ahead of the primary.

“If he can pull off a win in Iowa, I think it will be very beneficial to his campaign heading into New Hampshire and South Carolina,” which votes Jan. 21, he said.…

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