Gail Huff introduces Scott

“Two years ago today, the people of Massachusetts shocked the political world by electing my husband as their senator. It was a proud and historic moment, and no one was prouder of Scott.

“When Scott first thought about running for the Senate back in 2009, I wasn’t so sure it was a good idea. But after a lot of conversations, I could see just how much he cared. And just how much he believed that America deserved better than what we were getting from Washington — how differently he would do things if he had the chance.

“And I knew he was right. Even so, I worried that Scott didn’t have much chance of winning the election.

“Well, after 25 years of marriage to Scott Brown, I should have known better.

“Scott is THE most hard-working, earnest and honest man I have ever known. You all have come to see these qualities in Scott the senator, but I wanted to take a moment to share with you the side of him I see: Scott the husband and father.

“Anyone who has read his book knows that Scott didn’t have it easy growing up.

“With a lot of hard work, and great people around him, he overcame a childhood of abuse and poverty. But those experiences did not break him. In fact they made him stronger — even more devoted to me as his wife– and to our two daughters.

“I’ve come to understand that it is these challenges that make him who he is, shaping his values and character.

“Scott understands the devastation of joblessness on a family because he’s lived through it. He knows what it’s like to go hungry. When uncertainty and fear were his constant companions, he learned to be strong and self-reliant.

“Scott’s past has made him determined to be a better husband and father than he ever knew. He made the personal vow that his kids would have the stable childhood he never experienced. And he has kept his word.

“But Scott knows that these immense opportunities are only possible because of this great country we live in.

“It’s America that made it possible for a poor kid –with all the odds stacked against him — to work hard, get an education, start a business, own a home, and hand off to his two daughters a world of opportunity.

“But, today, for too many other families, that America is slipping away. We can NOT let that happen.

“I KNOW Scott Brown will not let that happen, and that’s why we NEED him in Washington.

“He’s working hard every day to make the American Dream a reality.

“He is a wise, trustworthy, and compassionate public servant. He is a credit to our state and to our country.

“He’s got my vote, and I hope he’ll have yours. Please welcome my husband and YOUR U.S. Senator, Scott Brown!”

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