Extra (and Watery!) Miles

Just got a phone call from Jim Powell of the Martha’s Vineyard GOP – he and other members of the Oak Bluffs and West Tisbury Republican Town Committees are en route to New Hampshire to make calls for Romney!

I remember I was able to go 4 years ago, and during my shift Rep. Tom Tancredo and Sheriff Joe Arpiao stopped in to make calls as well – stressing that they wren’t just endorsing, they were there in the Boiler Room too!

Wish the Islanders well as they go to work for the candidates they suport, and do what you can for your candidates!

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  • Several hundred MassGOP volunteers went up to New Hampshire to pitch in over the past several days.  I’ve heard figures from 200 to as high as 500.

    I took a bus up with Sheriff Tom Hodgson on Saturday where we largely did a visiblity up near the Verizon Arena & the Radisson across from a park taken over by the Occupiers).  Then, I had the occasion on Sunday afternoon to go up through this morning with a pre-paid hotel (thanks to a friend who had one but gave up using it to stay with family).  I took some time off work and enjoyed particpating in the Talk Radio News Service radio row as well as phone banking at HQ.

    I attended was very fortunate to make it into the main Romney victory party last night and I just got home a few minutes ago.

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    I think anyone reading that comment knew it was just my lame attempt at humor.  Sorry it bothered you.

  • Those “few good Republicans who made a very special effort to be there” like those you mentioned do indeed deserve special recognition.

    Here is a small sample from the South Coast:

    Thanks to all but especially Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson and Jane Awad, new Chairman of the Mattapoisett Republican Town Committee.  We had a great crew!  The photo was taken this past Saturday, January, 2012 in front of Romney for President HQ in Manchester, NH.