Endorsed By Governor Cellucci

I am honored to have the support of Governor Paul Cellucci, I hope you too will support our campaign to bring a new direction to Washington.
-Richard Tisei
With the tremendous challenges that we face as a country, I’m as grateful as ever to be an American and I’m sure that you feel that way, too. With all the economic uncertainty and tough times for too many people it may seem strange to say this, but I believe that the American dream is alive and well.

The problem is that our people and our job creators are being held back and held down by a government that is stifling growth and suffocating accomplishment. We’ve got to turn that around – and there’s no time to waste.

If we’re to give the American dream new life – and we must – then you and I need to do everything we can to bring change to Washington this coming November. In the 6th Congressional District, former State Senate Minority Leader Richard Tisei has launched a serious effort to bring John Tierney’s time in Washington to an end.

I’ve known Richard for more than twenty years and, when I was Governor, I knew that I could count on him as a principled friend and ally. Whether we were fighting to reduce taxes, cut spending, or reform state government, I always knew that I could count on Richard’s leadership and strong support. Richard was also known on Beacon Hill for his devotion to the needs of the people of his district.

He’s a fiscal conservative who believes strongly in freedom and liberty for all. He’s also a decent, caring human being who puts the needs of others first. I believe we desperately need those qualities in our elected representatives.

That is why I’m truly excited about this opportunity to support our friend, Richard, in his campaign for Congress. It won’t be easy to defeat an entrenched incumbent, like John Tierney, who’s been in Washington for far too long. But Richard is a proven vote-getter, having won in an overwhelmingly Democratic district in election after election. He’s off to a very strong start with a clear message and powerful organization. But he needs our help if he’s going to win. I believe that Richard can and will win. That’s why I’m doing everything that I can to support him.

I know that times are tough, but I believe it’s very important that we join together and begin to turn our country around. With your help and mine, we can push Richard to victory in November.

Please join me in giving as much support as you can afford today. Whether it’s financial support – or “blood, sweat, toil, and tears” – I know that it will make a huge difference to Richard.

Please click here and make the biggest commitment you can – and put it in the mail right away. Thanks for your friendship as we join together to do everything we can to help Richard win this important victory!
Governor Paul Cellucci

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