Comment of the Day:The Abortion Threshold is Being Lowered on a Daily Basis

In the thread regarding Jim Lyons wanting an explanation on why the Department of Mental Health would want forced abortions, Vote 3rd Party Now had a great comment.  It deserves to be front paged.  Here it is:

*[new] The abortion threshold is being lowered on a daily basis…

The mere utterance of the word ‘abortion’ used to give people the shivers.  Then along came the rights activists and demanded that abortions be allowed when the life of the mother is threatened, or the child was a product of incest or rape.  Then suddenly ALL women had a ‘Constitutionally protected right’ to an abortion based on some lunacy from the US Supreme Court decision having to do with protection of privacy.  Now our courts have taken steps to order the forced abortion of a healthy child in which the health of the mother is not threatened.  This because someone other than the mother is requesting it.  

The decision by District Court Judge Christina Harms should be a wake up call to all decent human beings.  Courts are now taking steps to determine who lives and who dies, based on third party testimony.  

And yet when Sarah Palin claimed Obama wanted to implement ‘Death Panels’ as part of his Obamacare program all the liberals laughed and said ‘how silly’.  Yet here we are folks….

We are baby steps away from having a government that decides who can give birth and who can not give birth.  The decision will be based on economic convenience, or perceived emotional or mental ability to care for a child. ‘Gee, that lady doesn’t quite have a high enough IQ, we better terminate her kid!’.  ‘Gee, that lady over there doesn’t earn a very good living, better end her ability to have children!’.  

This is the Deval Patrick and Barack Obama hopey changey, ‘Yes we can’ kind of government.

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