Bulletin: Hudak bows out

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The following is an email from GOP candidate Bill Hudak to his supporters. While critical of his fellow GOP opponents, Hudak recognizes the obvious: He can’t pull as many votes as former Senator Richard Tisei in the Sixth District.

Dear Hudak Supporters:

It is with a heavy heart that I write to advise you that I have decided to suspend my campaign for Congress for 2012.   I intend to continue the fight in 2014.

I do not make this decision lightly – in fact, it is the most difficult I have made in 2-1/2 years.

Running for Congress is an extremely costly venture, as you all know.  A business opportunity has presented itself to me, which in addition to my active law practice will involve substantial amounts of my time and effort for the balance of the year.  This will allow me to recoup what my family has invested in this race so far, and then some – allowing me to return stronger than ever in 2014.

A run for Congress involves a full-time, focused commitment.  While I can continue to raise awareness of issues, and relish the opportunity to debate Richard Tisei and John Tierney vigorously, you have the right to expect that your efforts and donations will be rewarded by the very best effort I can put forth.  At this moment, I cannot promise that to you.  Which means that my effort would leave things incomplete – and you deserve nothing but the best.

Although my family is fully supportive of my continued run, there are needs here too as I have put my campaign first, too often at their expense.  And they need to be first for awhile.

The prospect of not following through and forcing Richard Tisei to be honest with his true record and motivation for running was one of my most difficult struggles in coming to this decision.  I relish the opportunity, and will in 2014, because I’m sure you all know that little will change if he is elected.  Worse, I know that this leaves most of you no real choice at all in this District in 2012.

I heartily and openly endorse and ask all of you to turn all your attention for the next six weeks to help three candidates for State Committee running on March 6, 2012:   Kim Incampo (North Andover), Carlos Hernandez (Saugus), and Rob Aufiero (Wakefield).

Also state reps:  Dwight Caufield (Lynn area) and Karin Rhoton (North Andover area).  The party appears not to care about them, as it should.

I also heartily endorse Scott Brown.   Put aside everything – and remember that he stood up when no one else in Massachusetts had the character to do so.  He was not a career politician (yet), and has the character and fortitude to stand on his values and defend the votes he takes.  For that, he has earned my respect, even if I disagree.

Besides, Elizabeth Warren, if elected, promises only to render Massachusetts uninhabitable.

I will be calling as many of you as I can, if you don’t call me first, to thank you personally and tell you what I am doing, and why I am doing it.

I need you to know that I am humbled by the outpouring of support, offers to mobilize, donate, and do everything possible to insure that we win this race; and, we will – just two years later than anticipated.

Thank you, sincerely,

Future Congressman,

Bill Hudak

Holly Robichaud had it right this morning.

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