As GOP candidates drop out – who gains?

(Bachmann is out.  She’s polling on average at around four percent in New Hampshire.  Were do those votes go? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Early today Michelle Bachmann is scheduled to have a press conference.  It may be going on now for all I know.  At any rate, it is widely speculated that she will suspend her campaign.

If she does I believe it is premature and falls right into the liberal agenda of making this as small a race as possible very quickly.  I believe it is to the benefit of the GOP to keep as many candidates in the ring as possible so Obama, and his campaign of evil, can’t focus his $1 billion warchest on any one individual.

That being said, which GOP candidate will benefit by having Michelle Bachmann drop out of the race?  I ask because we are likely to start seeing others drop out over the next few weeks and quickly this race may change shape away from where it is right now.

I think Bachmann’s vote will go to Santorum, which might make him a better contender for New Hampshire.  Santorum won’t win NH, but he will have a better showing, which could help him continue to have momentum into SC.  Of course, Bachmann’s drop could help Rick Perry and a sudden surge of 5 points into Perry’s hands could once again make him a front runner.  That is if Rick Perry doesn’t drop out of the race.  

So for the sake of discussion let’s assume over the next three weeks Bachmann, Perry and Huntsman drop out of the race – where do the votes go and will Mitt Romney be a recipient of any of them?

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