All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

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For the first time since Feb. 11, 2008 I don’t have a Monday night deadline for a Thursday column.  Well, OK, maybe not EVERY Monday night – it turned into Tuesday a few times.  But I have had a 750 word column run every Thursday from then until…last Thursday.  Here is a link to that column, which was my annual predictions for the next year, with a recap of what I had predicted the previous New Years’.  But my column didn’t read as submitted – the last paragraph was cut.

This is what was omitted –

NOTE:  This will be my last column for a while.  I am running for re-election to the Republican State Committee, and my opponent has complained that it’s ‘unfair’ that I have a newspaper column and she doesn’t.  I’ve written over 200 weekly columns since the last election, and she hasn’t written even a letter to the editor.  She thinks silencing me now will make up for that.  So I will fulfill her worst fears that I might promote myself – Please vote for me for Republican State Committee on the March 6th Republican Presidential Primary Ballot!

I was suspended once before.  I had started my column in 2006, and it was suspended a few weeks in 2008 when I ran for state committee.  Oddly, my opponent now was the manager of that campaign.  Now, she’s running herself.  But then, it was bi-weekly and the primary was in early February, so only 3 columns were censored.  Now, because the primary is later and the column is weekly, it will be more like 10.  Naturally, I will lose the money I usually earn as well.

So beginning Thursday, I will post here what would have been my column.  It likely won’t be as long as a newspaper piece, but there will be ideas and commentary.  I’d like to call it – Forbidden Thoughts.  And if my opponent doesn’t like it, maybe she’ll have to produce herself for a change instead of stifling others.

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