All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

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For the first time since Feb. 11, 2008 I don’t have a Monday night deadline for a Thursday column.  Well, OK, maybe not EVERY Monday night – it turned into Tuesday a few times.  But I have had a 750 word column run every Thursday from then until…last Thursday.  Here is a link to that column, which was my annual predictions for the next year, with a recap of what I had predicted the previous New Years’.  But my column didn’t read as submitted – the last paragraph was cut.

This is what was omitted –

NOTE:  This will be my last column for a while.  I am running for re-election to the Republican State Committee, and my opponent has complained that it’s ‘unfair’ that I have a newspaper column and she doesn’t.  I’ve written over 200 weekly columns since the last election, and she hasn’t written even a letter to the editor.  She thinks silencing me now will make up for that.  So I will fulfill her worst fears that I might promote myself – Please vote for me for Republican State Committee on the March 6th Republican Presidential Primary Ballot!

I was suspended once before.  I had started my column in 2006, and it was suspended a few weeks in 2008 when I ran for state committee.  Oddly, my opponent now was the manager of that campaign.  Now, she’s running herself.  But then, it was bi-weekly and the primary was in early February, so only 3 columns were censored.  Now, because the primary is later and the column is weekly, it will be more like 10.  Naturally, I will lose the money I usually earn as well.

So beginning Thursday, I will post here what would have been my column.  It likely won’t be as long as a newspaper piece, but there will be ideas and commentary.  I’d like to call it – Forbidden Thoughts.  And if my opponent doesn’t like it, maybe she’ll have to produce herself for a change instead of stifling others.

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  • Karl Marx

    you pursue.

  • Your opponent fussed because you had a paying position that happened to give you some degree of exposure. Too bad. You quit and lose the pay. That seems contrary to the whole idea that we need to get people to work, etc. I’m not going to vote for your opponent!  

  • geo999

    Otherwise I wouldn’t see it.

    I stopped buying that rag ages ago.

    And now that it’s behind a pay wall, I don’t even read them online.

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    I am friends with both Cynthia and here opponent Judy Crocker.  I helped Judy’s husband Will in 2008 by going door to door in Barnstable for him, when he ran for state representative.

    Judy has mentioned to me that she asked for equal time during the campaign.  The paper refused and took the option of suspending Cynthia during the same time frame.

    I welcome Cynthia’s columns here during the interim and would also be thrilled to see Judy’s responses.

  • especially in this day and age where Newspapers are struggling for readership and of course from a Republican’s perpective whereas we lose (even temporarilly) what little media voices we have.

    Most Newspapers are begging to get letters to the Editor to publish so I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around your opponent’s contesting your column and instead simply submitting her own letters or Press releases.

    I would of thought that so long as you are in no way promoting your campaign, your column would be a non-factor anyways as usually Authors that write long running opinion pieces eventually hit a nerve and ultimately tick some of their Readers off.

    Well best of luck anyway Cynthia, you know you have my support for the MRSC and I’ll continue to read your FB and RMG articles,(whether I agree with them or not…lol).