5 Policy Principles Worth Following – by Dean Cavaretta

Here are 5 Public Policy Principles worth following:

1. Bailout Economics has failed and must end – TARP has been the worse piece of U.S. legislation since Reconstruction.  The law has extended the Great Recession and U.S. Housing Crisis. Less than 1% of the 800 Billion which was appropriated by Congress has actually been expended for homeowner loan modifications!  We must be unrelenting in demanding more accountability and transparency with big banks and Wall Street Firms that took billions in federal bailout money.

2. Crony capitalism is the new source of inequality – I do not support corporate welfare, ethanol subsidies or solar panel giveaways and believe all three represent the true source of inequality in this country. I agree with a leading congressman when he recently observed the real, class divisions that threaten America are: “A society of bureaucrats and connected, crony capitalists trying to rise above the rest of us, call the shots, rig the rules, and preserve their place [in Washington DC and on Beacon Hill].”

3. Tax increases in any recession should be avoided – Instead of job killing tax hikes, or failed stimulus strategies that have done nothing more than cost shift expenses to our municipalities and school districts, let’s fundamentally reform the tax code rather than force one group of Americans against another. Free Enterprise should be encouraged rather than officials engaging in class warfare rhetoric or income redistribution.

Let’s lower rates for everyone; close loopholes and crony giveaways while developing a simpler system that rewards saving, investment and capital formation. Example: In 2011, GE paid no federal taxes on 15 Billion in profits with a 56k page return!  This is wrong and must end.

4. All public officials should oppose the Generational Theft which is our National Debt and unfunded liabilities – We do not have a revenue problem; we have a spending problem which is being unfairly placed on the backs of our kids and grandchildren.  Let’s introduce a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, and push for reforms that save teacher and other municipal positions instead of sticking our heads in the sand pretending the fiscal crisis is going away.

We can make our public pension systems solvent and avoid massive, future layoffs by acting responsibly today.

5. Save Medicare for Seniors (65+) – Last June, in Lowell, the MA Democratic Party adopted Medicare for All (S Bill 509) into their party platform effectively caving to the Far Left within their ranks.  This socialized medicine scheme, sponsored by my opponent, incumbent State Sen. Jaime Eldridge, would radically alter MA health care quality, diminish choice, reduce the number of MA primary care doctors practicing, and force private sector layoffs – all in the worst U.S. economy since 1929.  

My position is let’s make the original Medicare program solvent instead.  Then fix the MA Health Connector for small businesses and individuals.  

Turning the Commonwealth’s Health Care System into a Vermont or Canadian model would require this Legislature and Governor to adopt 5 NEW STATE TAXES (on employees, employers, self-employed and a 12.5% tax on unearned income).

Let’s get serious.

So called ‘Medicare for All’ is too costly, unworkable and counter productive for the financially strapped, 1965 health care program we have now.  For Eldridge to introduce a massive, new, open-ended entitlement when Medicare for Seniors stands on the brink of insolvency – that makes ObamaCare look radically conservative and incremental.  It is simply not viable.

Dean Cavaretta

Candidate for MA State Senate

Middlesex & Worcester District


NOTE: Senate Bill 509 would pool all federal monies (assuming a waiver was granted) for MA Health Care into a single Trust Fund to be administered by an unelected board and bureaucracy with VAST and unprecedented governmental powers over MA health care decisions.  Unlike “Walsh & Eldridge Care” which abolishes MA private health insurance – Scott Brown and Dean Cavaretta’s position is to make the original Medicare program solvent for all beneficiaries instead.  Putting seniors first.  

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